Request For Inspection

Please give 48 hours notice to the building department prior to the actual request date. Inspections of an incomplete phase of the overall project will require a subsequent inspection when that particular phase of the project is complete.

Inspection Authorization

Accessibility To Inspect

At every Phase of construction, all areas of that Phase shall be exposed and accessible for inspection. If an area can not be viewed properly or has been covered up it may be necessary to uncover it in order to do the inspection. Final inspections are required when all of the building or the structure is completed.

Conditions For Residential Occupancy

A person may occupy or permit to be occupied a building intended for residential occupancy that has not been fully completed at the date of occupation provided that:

1. The building:

  1. Is not more than 3 storys in building height and 600 m2 in building area;
  2. Has no more than 1 dwelling unit above another dwelling unit;
  3. Has no more than 2 dwelling units sharing a common means of egress;
  4. Has no accommodation for tourists.

2. The following building components and systems are complete, operational and   inspected:

  1. Required exits, handrails and guards, fire alarm and detection systems, and fire separations;
  2. Required exhaust fume barriers and self-closing devices are on doors between an attached or built-in garage and a dwelling unit;
  3. Water supply, sewage disposal, lighting, and heating systems.

3. The following building components and systems are complete, operational, inspected, and tested:

  1. Water systems;
  2. Building drains and building sewers;
  3. Drainage systems and venting systems.

4. Where applicable, the building conforms to Article

Notification of Occupancy

Where a person has occupied or permitted the occupancy of a building under this Subsection, such person shall notify the Chief Building Official forthwith upon completion of the building.

Required Inspections

  • Check setback, yard requirements, water table and footing forms/rebar.
  • Drain tile, crushes stone, damp proofing, footings, backfill material and foundation wall.
  • Subfloor, plates, lintels, bridging, studs, partitions, trusses, rafters, sill plate anchored and sealed too foundation TRUSS AND BEAM DRAWINGS REQUIRED PRIOR TO FRAMING INSPECTION.
  • All plumbing vents, drains and potable water to be inspected with a water or air test prior to covering per the O.B.C.
  • Insulation, vapour barriers, wall corners, doors, windows, electrical, attic ventilation prior to covering.
  • Section of the O.B.C has been complied with such as: guards, smoke detection, stairs, hand rails, sewage system installed and operating, water supply.
  • NB - It is ultimately the responsibility of the owners, either by their own initiative or through their representative to ensure that all inspections are scheduled with the Building Department.