Gooseneck Lake Property Owners Association

This photo was taken by the Gooseneck Lake Property Owners Association of the sunset glaring over Gooseneck Lake.The Association is open to cottagers and permanent residents who own property on Gooseneck Lake.  They are interested in all environmental concerns related to the lake and the surrounding area.

The Association is a member of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations (FOCA). The Gooseneck Lake Property Owners Association (GLPOA) is also a contributor to the provincial “Lake Partner Program" which monitors water quality including phosphorus and calcium levels in Gooseneck Lake

  • Founded in the 1960's.
  • Membership consists of approximately 35 Property Owners on Gooseneck Lake.
  • New Members are welcome. 

Annual Meeting

The second Saturday of August each year at 10:00am at the Ardbeg Community Centre.

All current and new members are welcome to attend.


Jim Alexander
Vice President
Tony Poxeitner
Secretary / Treasurer
Matt Clermont