Boards and Committees

Please see below for more information on our boards and committees:

Cemetery Board Chair

Ron Whitmell

Cemetery Board Members

Jane Bottrell

Terry Brear

Randy Johnson

Michael Musgrave

Muriel Stiles

Cemetery Board Council Representative

Beth Gorham-Matthews, Councillor

Cemetery Board Secretary

Paula Macri

Cemetery Board Treasurer

Pat Allen

Committee Members

Rebecca Green, Chair & Walk Fit Representative

Deborah Comrie-Taylor, Secretary

Jan Hill 

Louise Ford 

Council Representatives

Councillor George Comrie

The Committee will maintain and promote the walking trails in Whitestone. In the maintenance agreement with the MNR it does allow staff to do work on the trails but the main effort for trail maintenance (i.e. small brush removal, flagging, board walk repairs, and leaf blowing etc) will be done by the committee’s volunteers.

Committee Members

Tom Sutcliffe, Chair  705-389-3010

Greg Kowal:  705-774-3809


Tyler Irwin - CBO:  705-389-2466 X26

Council Representative

Councillor Joe Lamb

Application For A Committee Of Adjustment Minor Variance

A Minor Variance is an allowance Council may award to Building and set back requirements (i.e., you want to build closer to the Lot Line than required).

A Minor Variance is a procedure under the Planning Act that requires notification to surrounding Property owners and a Public Meeting. The process takes from 30 to 45 days.  Any Property owner can apply, and the Municipal Staff will help you complete the document or advise you about the need for a Variance.

The application fee is $1500.00. You can download the Application for Minor Variance PDF format or pick-up a form at the Municipal Office.

There is no legal registration needed for this transaction.  A copy of the decision is filed in the Property file and Building file, and becomes a permanent change to the requirements for the Property.

A photo of the Maple Island Community Centre from the front of the building.Only 9 Minutes North Of Dunchurch On Highway 520, The Maple Island Thrift Shop is open 10:00 am to 2:00 pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during July & August.  From April to October, we are open 10:00 am to 2:00 pm every Saturday and Sunday. 

We have bargain basement brices, and donations are greatly appreciated.

Please note that the Thrift Shop has expanded to include both floors to serve you better!

Maple Thrift Shop Brochure

Committee Members

  • Peggi Woehl, Chair:  705-389-1375
  • Elizabeth Hamilton, Secretary / Recorder:  705-389-2207
  • Bernice Beaty
  • Yvonne Burgess
  • Deanne Campbell
  • Colleen Clelland
  • Fay Clelland
  • Charmaine Craig
  • Marla Green
  • Sue Hicks-Green
  • Shirley Hamilton
  • Diane Hill
  • Julie Hozian
  • Carol Jackson
  • Sue Kime
  • Betty Lawrence
  • Ellen McGowan
  • Susan Musgrave
  • Shiela Stilles
  • Juliette Terry
  • Carole Zebrauskas


  • Brianne Watson-Dadswell
  • Julie Stiles
  • Summer Stiles

Council Representatives

Councillor Joe Lamb

Maple Island Thrift Shop Committee - Volunteer Application

Terms Of Reference

2206 Hwy 124 Dunchurch, Ontario  P0A 1G0

Telephone / Fax: 705-389-3311

Mission Statement:

The Whitestone-Hagerman Memorial Public Library is dedicated to offering a full range of materials, programs and services that advance the personal growth, life-long learning, and recreational interests of its community.  For more information including hours of operation and contact information, please visit the library website.

Council Representative

  • Councillor Joe Lamb

Board Members

  • Peggi Woehl (Chair)
  • Barb Boulter
  • Gayle Caldwell
  • Carol Gorrie
  • Gayle Harris
  • Cathy Lamb
  • Sheila Wesley


  • Eva Fincham (Interim CEO)
  • Michelle Stiles