Whitestone Conservation Association

The logo for the Whitestone Conservation Association.Hagerman Ratepayers' Association is operating as Whitestone Conservation Association.

Whitestone Conservation Association (WCA) is an independent Organization working for the residents of the Municipality of Whitestone on environmental issues.  We work closely with municipal staff and council, but we are not a part of the municipal organization.

WCA represents cottage association members and area residents to help in any way that we can with lake management and environmental concerns.  Please call any one of our members as listed in our directory, and join us to protect the beautiful countryside and lakes. 

2022 Executive & Board Members

PositionNamePhone Number Email
ChairJohn Wesley705-774-1795    
Vice ChairDennis Morrison
Past ChairLarry Samis 705-389-1060ljsamis@gmail.com
TreasurerBarb Margeson705-389-1010barbm14@hotmail.com
SecretaryMargaret Dailey-Plouffe      

More Information

The Municipality of Whitestone is home to approximately 900 permanent and 4,500 seasonal residents.  Many areas have banded together to form Organizations with a common goal - protecting and conserving the environment. 

Fish management and water quality issues are being addressed on an annual basis.  Through participation in the Lake Partners Program, these Organizations keep well informed of the ever increasing environmental concerns that affect all property owners in Ontario.  

Membership consists of 12 Property Owners Associations, plus individual Members.  Total Membership is over 400.  

  • Booth Road ~ Barb Bennett ~ 705-389-9828
  • Dunchurch Estates ~ Jim Wilson ~ 705-389-3614
  • Hamilton Bay ~ Margaret Dailey-Plouffe ~ 647-504-3030 / Ron Farrell ~ 705-389-3637
  • Limestone Lake ~ Bill & Barb Margeson ~ 705-389-1010
  • Lorimer Lake ~ Ruth Ball ~ 705-746-3401
  • Northwest Whitestone ~ Diane McTrivish ~ 705-389-2475 / Judith Moore ~ 705-389-2010
  • Shawanaga Lake ~ Anne Davis ~ 705-746-1616
  • Sundown Estates ~ Wayne Kenney ~ 705-389-3208 / Lynn & Terry Stanley ~ 705-389-3586
  • Tahinca ~ Jerry Carter ~ 416-579-6554
  • Whitestone Lake Road ~ Larry Samis ~ 705-389-1060
  • Whitestone Lakeshore Acres ~ Bob & Jane Lockwood ~ 705-389-1160
  • Winbur Lane ~ Paul Taylor ~ 705-389-1977  
  • Water Quality
  • Pollution Control
  • Fund Raising
  • POWR Mag

For more information regarding Cottage Association Memberships in the Whitestone Conservation Association, please contact any Member of the WCA Executive.  Independent Members are also encouraged to join. 

The 2022 annual general meeting takes place on Saturday July 9th, 2022, at 10 a.m. at the Dundome.  

All are encouraged to attend.

Monthly meetings are TBA.

Each year we publish a free Welcome To Whitestone Directory to help promote Local Businesses, and to help Residents locate the information they may need.

Attention Advertisers:  Please contact Margaret Dailey-Plouffe at 647-504-3030 or whitestonedirectory@gmail.com