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Public Works

The photo above is a picture of an empty road with trees and their leaves with beautiful fall colours.

The Public Works Manager is responsible for the oversight of roads, bridges, waste management and recreational facilities.

Safe roads and bridges that facilitate orderly traffic movement all year round is our goal and include the following general maintenance services:

  • grading 
  • shoulder repair 
  • repair of potholes (patching resurfacing)
  • appropriate signage
  • tree trimming 
  • drainage (which includes new ditching and ditch maintenance)
  • culvert maintenance

In addition to the above, we provide seasonal services such as snow plowing and sanding of the roads as well as the municipal parking lots.

View our snow plowing FAQ.

2020 Roads Needs Study

To view the full report of the 2020 Roads Needs Study, Please follow this link

Service Request

If you have a service request or concern, please contact the staff listed below or the Municipal Office at 705-389-2466


Position/NamePhone Number Fax Number EmailAddress
David Creasor705-389-3838705-389-1855david.creasor@whitestone.ca2125 Balsam Road
2125 Balsam Road