Fire Permits

Online Fire Permits Coming Soon

Permits are required from April 1st to October 31st each year.  Daytime Permits can only be obtained through the Fire Department.

To obtain a fire permit, please contact any of the following people/organizations:

Organization/Person NameContact PersonPhone Number
Duck Rock Resort
Margaret Hardwick**
Kathy Whitman**
Harris LakeKathryn Creek705-746-2765
Wah-Wash-KeshEd Bennett Jr.705-746-7977

** Can also inspect incinerators

Fireworks By-Law

A stock photo of fireworks to bring attention to the fireworks By-Law.Council deems it necessary for the safety of the residents of the Municipality of Whitestone and to minimize the risk of fire and injuries to regulate the detonation and sale of fireworks.

Please see the document below for the full by-law:

By-Law No. 41-2012:  Regulating and Setting Off Fireworks