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911 Services

CALL 911

911 calling services are for police, fire, and medical emergencies.

When Calling 911 Be Prepared to Answer These Questions:

  • What is your Emergency?
  • What is the location of the emergency?
  • What is the phone number you are calling from?

Be prepared to stay on the line to answer questions and follow the directions/advice/information being provided to you by the Communications Officer. Help is being dispatched simultaneously as more information is being collected.

Did You Know?

  • The OPP are Mandated to respond to every 911 call they receive.
  • 1-888-319-1122 is the toll free non-emergency number to contact OPP province wide.

Keep In Mind - Pocket Dials 

What happens when someone calls 911 and hangs up or pocket dials emergency services?

When a 911 call is lost, it’s called a “dropped 911” and is automatically referred to the police to investigate. All 911 calls, including dropped 911s, are treated as if they are life-threatening emergencies. The police are then tasked with locating the 911 call source and determining if there is, in fact, an emergency. Depending on several factors, police can spend hours searching for someone who called 911 by accident.

This is time that could otherwise be spent responding to emergencies, investigating crimes or patrolling communities and highways. The Municipality encourages residents to be more vigilant with their cellphone to reduce the non-emergency calls to 911. If precautions are taken, this will free up officers to respond to actual emergencies and decrease the number of calls for service the Municipality is ultimately fiscally responsible for. 

Homeowners are responsible to:

  • Ensure children do not play with any cell phones or phones with the capability of calling 911.
  • Identify your home or cottage with an easily visible Civic Address number. Place the number where it is can be seen from the road, or if you have water access, place the number at the end of your dock. Ensure vegetation or snow does not obscure the visibility.
  • Make sure your Civic number or House number is correct and that family members and guests know the number. 
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West Parry Sound O.P.P.(705) 746-4225
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