Knox United Church

This photo was taken by Lynn McEwen, outside of the Knox United Church.Knox United Church was built by the Presbyterian Congregation in 1895.  The church exterior was originally brick, which in 1958, was replaced with white asbestos siding and then in 1989 with vinyl siding.  The interior remains as it was first finished in birch tongue and groove.

In 1925 the Presbyterian and Methodist Congregations joined to become the United Church of Canada and our church became known as Knox United.  Today we are a member of a two-point charge with McKellar United Church.  The church and the congregation have ebbed and flowed throughout the 125 years of its existence.  The church currently has a Sunday School, choir and an active United Church Women’s Group (UCW).  Knox United is blessed to be part of the community of Dunchurch.  Many volunteers from the community work to financially support the church.  Without volunteers, fund raisers such as the Annual UCW Thanksgiving Supper (55 years) could not be held.

The church has a strong summer church family who attend every summer and who have become an important part of the congregation.  The church has special services, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good Friday and Easter, through out the year.  Monthly coffee hours are part of the social life of the church and they inspire friendship and welcome new people.

Please join us in our House of Worship on Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m. 

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