Building Services General Questions

How to care for your Sewage System? Download the brochure on caring for your sewage system provided by the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority.
Why do we have By-Laws and Codes?Bylaws and codes ensure that development meets health, fire, structural, and general safety requirements for the protection of the individual as well as the community as a whole. Bylaws and codes also ensure a better standard of growth and development of the Municipality.
How long does it take to obtain a Permit?The period within which permits shall be issued or refused (OBC Div.C is 10 days for new dwellings, accessory buildings, and additions
When are Building/Demolition permits Required?

In general, a building permit is required for the construction of detached structures greater than 10 square meters (108 square feet) and for the construction of all structures proposed to be attached to the principal dwelling.

Detached garages, carports and sheds greater than 10 square meters (108 square feet) require a building permit. Garages and carports and decks attached to the principal dwelling, regardless of size, require a building permit.

NB--although a building permit may not be required in certain circumstances, you must still comply with the requirements of the Municipality of Whitestone Zoning Bylaw.

Building permits are issued by the Building Department and are reviewed for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, the Municipality of Whitestone Zoning Bylaw, and other applicable federal, provincial, and municipal regulations. Building permits are necessary to ensure that the zoning requirements, fire and structural safety standards, and other building standards are met.

What about electrical safety? Planning a renovation?  Updating the kitchen or bathroom?  Adding new lighting?  If your project involves new electrical wiring or devices, or repairing / replacing old ones, you need to know your obligations under Ontario law!  Don’t let your home improvement dream become a nightmare.  Follow the law and do it right.

Examples of Projects that may not require a Permit

  1. Surface repair of small areas not effecting structural components, insulation or air/vapour barrier integrity
  2. Replacement of windows. NB--a permit is not required if you are replacing windows that are the same size and same location and do not require any structural modifications to the openings
  3. Re-shingling a roof provided there is no structural repairs or modifications required including roof sheathing
  4. Painting
  5. Landscaping

Construction without a Permit

No construction, alteration or conversion shall occur until a building permit is applied for and issued. Starting construction without a permit is illegal and an offence under the Ontario Building Code Act. Changes/variations from the approved plans must be submitted for approval prior to initiation of the changes.

Examples of Projects that require a Permit

In general, a building permit is required to erect, install, extend, alter or repair a building. The following are examples of projects that require building permits:                        

  1. Construction of a new home or summer residence.
  2. Construction of a commercial building.
  3. Construction of a farm building.
  4. Addition of a carport, garage, porch, room(s), or deck(s) to an existing home.
  5. Construction or finishing of rooms in the basement or attic.
  6. New foundation construction of or repair of existing foundations under existing structures.
  7. Damp-proofing or waterproofing foundation walls including installation of weeping tile.
  8. Raising a house to provide a full basement.
  9. Construction of a retaining wall exceeding 1000 mm (3-3) in exposed height adjacent to public property, access to a building, or private property to which the public is admitted.
  10. Demolition of buildings and structures.
  11. Moving an existing building or structure.
  12. Any structural work, including alterations to interior partitions or the installation of new skylights, windows or doors.
  13. Addition of dormer(s).
  14. Enclosing a porch or deck.
  15. Addition of a deck to an existing building (any size).
  16. Replacing existing deck and/or piers with new deck and/or piers.
  17. Repairing or altering an existing deck(s) and or railing(s). NB--if replacing a small amount of deck surface boards, a permit may not be required; however, any structural changes or railing changes will require a permit.
  18. Any structural repairs to a roof system.
  19. Constructing or installing detached accessory buildings such as a garage, shed, or playhouse larger than 108 square feet (10 square meters).
  20. Installation of insulation, air/vapour barrier and drywall.
  21. Installation of fireplaces and other heating appliances including the replacement of furnaces and duct work.
  22. Replacing or installing new plumbing, including repair installation of plumbing outside of buildings.
  23. Change of use--this would apply even though no renovations or modifications are done, but its usage is being changed in whole or in part.
  24. Sewage system installation on-site; permits are available from the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority NB-- a sewage review is required prior to any building permit involving the addition of a bedroom (including sleeping cabins), fixture units such as sinks, washers, dishwashers, etcetera, or an increase of 15% or more to the floor area of a dwelling unit.
  25. Installing a ramp or elevating device.