Pool & Wellness Centre

A photo of the West Parry Sound Area Recreation and Culture Centre. Pool and Wellness Centre Information Letter to Whitestone Residents

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The Wellness Centre & Pool Committee

The Wellness Centre & Pool Committee (WCPC), is composed of:

  • Appointed Mayor/Reeve or Council members from each of the seven West Parry Sound area municipalities.  WCPC Terms of Reference  . The WCPC makes recommendations for adoption by each member municipality.

A Steering Committee is composed of:

  • The seven West Parry Sound area municipal Chief Administrative Officers. Per the decision-making governance structure and reports to the WCPC. 

A Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is composed of:

  • Fifteen members of the public bringing different skills sets and expertise. The CAC reports to the Steering Committee.

The firm CS&P Architects were the successful proponents on an RFP for undertaking the ‘due diligence’ work regarding:

  • site selection
  • understanding what the community’s needs are
  • estimating capital costs based on those needs
  • servicing costs and a business plan to address operating costs once it is built.

The seven area municipalities agreed on a cost sharing formula to undertake this work.

The WCPC meetings are open to the public, are live streamed and recorded. View the most recent and the entire playlist of meetings.

For the Lastest meeting Live Stream, please view the following link: Wellness Centre & Pool Committee Meeting - 2020/10/22