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Your comments and input are important to The Council of the Municipality of Whitestone


To the Whitestone community……

Early in its term, your current Council decided to review and update the Municipality’s Strategic Plan originally established in 2015 as a framework for municipal policy decisions and priorities. We therefore set aside time at several Council meetings this Spring to review the plan’s guiding principles, objectives, and key action items, as well as progress to date on achieving the original plan elements.

This document is the product of our efforts thus far.  The vision, mission, and core values for our Municipality remain the same, but some of the high-level objectives have been updated to reflect work completed during the last term of Council and changing priorities.  I am once again pleased to submit this plan to the Community for your consideration and comment. Are there elements of the plan that resonate with you, or that you feel are unnecessary? Are there things you think we missed, or that could be stated more clearly?  We welcome your feedback. In addition, I and my colleagues on Council will be happy to discuss it with you.

This version of the Strategic Plan will remain open for consultation and comment until October 15, 2019, after which Council will review the feedback received and make any necessary revisions.

Please also note that your Council is already working to prepare detailed implementation plans for some elements – in fact, some tasks have been completed already.  Watch for progress reports on implementation of the plan in our Newsletters and on the Municipality’s website. 

Thank you in advance for your important contributions to the Municipality of Whitestone’s strategic planning process.

Please submit comments in writing to:

Michelle Hendry, CAO / Clerk 
21 Church Street
Dunchurch, Ontario P0A 1G0

The Council of the Municipality of Whitestone