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Strategic Plan Updates...

Completed Action Plan Priority Items:

1. Communication

1.1 Reviewed and renewed: Communication Policy and Complaint Policy.

2. Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

2.1 Improved the budgeting process with new budget software.

5. Maintenance of our Infrastructure

5.5 Develop land use and acquisition strategy:
● Waterfront re-development: Playground planning.
● Bolger Lake Landing maintenance agreement.
● Public Works Garage: Renovations and addition – Contract awarded to Greystone Project Management Inc. in the amount of $602,030.00 plus taxes.

6 Economic Development
6.1 Identified opportunities for and obstacles to economic activity:
● Created a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis.

6.2 Encouraged home-based businesses:
● Hosted a local Business Meet and Greet.

7 Building Community
7.4 Support the Whitestone-Hagerman Memorial Public Library:
● Acquired property adjacent to the Library.

7.6 Promote tidiness:
● Hosted the 2016 Pitch-In Event.

7.7 Enhanced appreciation of volunteers:
● Through newsletters.

Ongoing Action Plan Priority Items:

1 Communication

1.2 Improving communication with ratepayers:
● Through newsletters, municipal website, social media sites, meetings, and etc.

1.2 Improving internal communication practises:
● Through the review and updating of Policies, Procedures, and By-Laws.

3. Management Systems

3.1 Clarify roles and responsibilities:
● Through the review and updating of Code of Conduct.

3.2 Enhance performance appraisals:
● Through regular yearly performance reviews for all staff.

3.3 Measuring results against objectives:
● Through monthly capital/budget reports.
● Through the introduction of development plans for staff.

3.5 Manage Council’s business more effectively:
● Through review of Council Procedures By-Law.

3.6 Review Policies, Procedures, and Processes:
● Tax Procedures Policy.
● Procurement By-Law.
● Human Resources Policy.
● Hiring Policy.
● Health & Safety Policy.
● User Fees By-Law.

4 Environmental Stewardship

4.4 Educate about recycling and hazardous waste:
● Increase of signage at Landfill Sites.
● Updating the recycling features on municipal website.
● Revisit mandatory recycling pros and cons.

5 Maintenance of our Infrastructure

5.4 Implement Municipal Asset Management Plan:
● Through the review and revising of current plan.

5.5 Develop land use and acquisition strategy:
● Waterfront re-development: Floating dock.
● Master accommodation plan to create a policy on land acquisition.
● Review road access to Bolger Lake.

6 Economic Development

6.2 Encourage home-based businesses:
● Creating an inventory list of existing local businesses, with 5 year comparisons.

6.4 Collaborate with existing businesses:
● Promote Whitestone as a retirement-friendly environment.

7 Building Community

7.1 Promote community assets:
● Creating a list of community assets.
● Report on usage of community assets.

7.3 Encourage and enhance community involvement:
● Develop a volunteer recruitment fair.
● Purchased an ad in the Welcome to Whitestone Booklet to encourage volunteerism.
● Promote volunteerism through newsletters.
● Reinvent initiatives to appreciate volunteers.

7.4 Support the Whitestone-Hagerman Memorial Public Library:
● Develop plans for expansion.

7.5 Investigate community improvement programs by researching best practises from other communities.

7.7 Enhance volunteer appreciation through initiatives.