Walk Fit Program




This hour long Program consists of the following:

•Thera Bands
•Balance Exercise


You walk at your own pace, to upbeat music,

in a controlled environment and in the company of others.

It's good for you and best of all... it's free!


The Program is inspired and supported by the

Heart And Stroke Foundation, and the Whitestone Recreation Committee.

The late Del Carter started the Program,

which is now Coordinated by Barb Bennett and Jan Hill and other valuable Volunteers.

If your Doctor has recommended a walking exercise for a Medical Condition,

or if you simply want to stay active, please come and join us!


When and Where:


Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings from 10:00 am to 11:00 am
at the Dunchurch Community Centre. 

Walk Fit Program runs from the beginning of September, until the end of June.




Barb Bennett (705) 389-9828
Jan Hill (705) 389-1091