Landfill Sites

Clear/Transparent Bags Coming Soon: Working Together to Protect Whitestone!

Whitestone is launching a clear/transparent bag program for disposal of household garbage at the municipal landfill sites.  The new program will improve waste diversion in Whitestone, save capacity at the landfills, and help protect Whitestone’s pristine environment.  The use of clear/transparent bags will allow Landfill Attendants to identify with a quick visual assessment any hazardous waste or recyclable materials that should be diverted.

“The clear bag program will help the Municipality achieve its goal of diverting hazardous and recyclable material out of our landfills,” said Mayor Comrie.   “When everyone does their part to reduce, reuse and recycle, we will generate less garbage and preserve the life of our landfill sites.  We all have a role to play in protecting Whitestone’s beautiful natural environment for future generations to enjoy.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Clear/Transparent Bag Program Launch Dates

August, 2020 – Public Education and Soft Launch

  • The public education for this initiative begins August, 2020, with a ‘soft launch’ that encourages residents of Whitestone to sort their waste by using clear/transparent bags.

January 1, 2021 - Mandatory

  • The clear/transparent bag program becomes mandatory. Residents that are not compliant with the use of clear/transparent garbage bags will have their waste rejected at the landfill site.

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Other new Initiatives:

The clear/transparent bag program is one of many new waste management initiatives that Council has put in place. Other Waste Program changes coming soon include:

Cashless transactions – Effective September 1, 2020

  • The Municipality had moved to debit only transactions at our landfill sites

Landfill Access Permit Card - Effective October 15, 2020

  • Residents will soon be required to show their Landfill Access Permit Card when using the landfill site
  • Landfill Access Permit Cards along with our new recycling information guidelines have been mailed to all property owners during the month of September

Hours of Operation 

Both the York Street and the Auld’s Road Landfill Sites will have the following hours:

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 5:00 p.m.

Large items such as furniture, mattresses, etc. will be accepted again at both sites as per current fee schedule. 

Auld’s Road Landfill Site Only:  Additional loads of brush and household C & D will be accepted again at Auld's Road site as per current fee schedule. 

The Bottle Sheds will be open as of June 27th as well.  Please continue to support the Whitestone Lake Public School with your donations!

Please Note: We no longer accept tires, commercial C & D, commercial brush or boats at any of our municipal landfill sites (unless they are metal and stripped of all non-metal parts and liquids).  


Please DO NOT Leave Garbage At The Landfill Site Gates!

This is what happens when garbage is left outside the gates at our Landfill Sites: