Rental Units


A rental unit is defined as a detached dwelling that is offered as a place of temporary residence, lodging or occupancy by way of lease, Rental Agreement or similar Commercial arrangement.

A Rental Unit does not include lodging found in any Tourist Commercial (C2) Zone, including a Motel, Hotel, Rental Cottage, Tourist Cabin, Bed and Breakfast, nor does it include a property rented for two weeks or less in any calendar year, and it excludes any Rentals that exceed 30 consecutive days or more to the same tenant, throughout all or part of a calendar year.

The Council of the Municipality of Whitestone passed By-Law No. 20-2014, being a By-Law to Regulate and Govern Rental Units in the Municipality of Whitestone.

1) No person shall use a dwelling as a Rental Unit unless they hold a current License.

2) Only the Registered Owner of a dwelling can obtain a Rental Unit License.

3) To qualify for a Rental Unit License, the following items are required:

a. Proof of Ownership;
b. Survey or Site Plan (sketch);
c. Copy of Property’s Sewage System Permit;
d. Open Building Permits must be finalized;
e. Registered Owner is responsible for Rental Unit Insurance;
f.  That all Realty Taxes have been paid;
g. Confirmation that all Adjoining Properties have been informed of License Application;
h. Confirmation that the Property complies with all Laws or Regulations;
i.  Applications filed shall be accompanied by a $200.00 Fee.




Being A By-Law For The Licensing, Regulating And Governing Of Rental Units In The Municipality.


A By-Law to amend By-Law No. 10-2005 (the Zoning By-Law) for Residential Zones in the Whole of the Municipality


Being A By-Law To Control Noise.


Being A By-Law For Regulating And Setting Off Of Fireworks During A Municipal Fire Ban.


Being A By-Law To Establish A Permit System For Open Air Fires.


Being A By-Law For The Regulating Of Dogs Within The Municipality.



For more information on rental units, please contact:

Michelle Hendry, CAO-Clerk at: 

705-389-2466 Ext. 23 or Michelle.


For information or to report the contravention of any By-Laws, please leave a detailed message including name & phone number for:

Paul Rossiter, By-Law Enforcement Officer at:  705-389-2466 Ext. 45.

All calls will be kept confidential and By-Laws will continue to be enforced.