Planning Department





Paula Macri, Planning Assistant



Telephone:  705-389-2466 Ext. 22

Fax:  705-389-1855


The Planning Assistant provides administrative assistance to the CAO-Clerk, the Treasurer

and the Deputy-Clerk/Deputy-Treasurer, as well as the Chief Building Official

In addition, the Planning Assistant creates and revises legal documents,

and assists with the following applications:

Severances, Rezoning, Shore Road Allowance, Concession Road Allowance,

Minor Variance, and Site Plan/Development Applications and Agreements.


Severance Applications & Information are available at the Parry Sound Area Planning Board (P.S.A.P.B.)


John Jackson, Secretary Treasurer

70 Isabella Street - Unit # 110 - Parry Sound, ON.  P2A 1M6

Tel:  705-746-5216  ~  Fax:  705-746-1439

Email:  ~  Website:



Planning Fees By-Law

Official Plan

Zoning By-Law No. 07-2018 - Effective March 27, 2018 (revised September 3, 2019)

Zoning By-Law Sheet Index Maps

Zoning Standards Reference Table



Application To Amend The Zoning By-Law
Application To Close And Convey Municipal Road Allowance
Application To Close And Convey Shore Road Allowance
Application For Encroachment Or Road Agreement
Application For Minor Variance
Site Plan Or Development Application
Application Deeming By-Law

Application & Guide For Consent (Severance)