Dunchurch Community Centre - UPDATES

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, November 2, 2016


As of January 24, 2017...

As most of you are now well aware, there was a fire at our beloved Community Centre in Dunchurch on the morning of Wednesday, November 2, 2016.  With the hub of our community temporarily closed for cleaning, repairs, and renovations, many programs and events have been re-located to other venues.  Please go to our Municipal website’s calendar of community events and meetings for details regarding temporary locations for programs and events.  

Here is a list of the most recent updates:

  • The ceiling in the main hall has been removed.
  • Dry ice blasting has been completed.
  • The structural beams are being cleaned.
  • The framing repairs in the kitchen have been completed.
  • The electrician is inspecting all receptacles and verifying that the wiring is safe.
  • The acoustic wiring is being inspected.
  • The electrician is working on pricing to install LED lights in main hall that are dimmable.
  • Draft drawings of the proposed kitchen renovations have been received. 


Thank you for your patience during this time, we truly appreciate it!  And, we will continue to update you via our Municipal website whenever more information becomes available.



As of November 21, 2016...

  • The initial cleanup and assessment is now complete.
  • Today we received the draft scope of work.  This will be reviewed by all parties involved and will be put out to tender by the insurance company later this week.  We have been advised that the tendering process takes approximately ten days.
  • It has been suggested that this may be the time to look at improvements to the kitchen and ensuring accessibility.  We have spoken with the insurance adjusters to enquire at what point they require any changes that we may wish to make to the kitchen.  The appraisal company will be contacting us to go over any changes to the scope of work and any work in addition that we may require.  Any changes to the scope of work will be put back out for tender by the insurance company as an addendum.
  • Any amendments will be presented at the December 5th Council meeting.  We will be discussing with the insurance adjuster as to who will ensure accessibility standards are met.
  • The engineer has provided a cost estimate to replace the existing supplementary heating system at a cost of approximately $15,000, which is covered by the insurance company.  He also provided a cost estimate for a more efficient propane system at a cost of approximately $25,000 - $30,000.  This cost would be borne by the Municipality.
  • It is recommended that the supplementary heating be replaced with a similar system to what exists, as the supplementary heat is rarely used.
  • The users of the hall kitchen have been contacted in regards to any changes that they would like see in the kitchen.  To date the United Church Women, Dunchurch Agricultural Society and the Library have submitted their suggestions.



As of November 7, 2016...


Completed To Date:

  • Hydro has been made safe, temporary circuits have been turned back on.
  • Engineer has assessed the building and is presently working on drawings, and design of structural & mechanical replacement.
  • The Property Loss Appraiser has finished their investigating.
  • Perishable items have been inventoried and removed from the building.



  • First Response are working on mitigating the damage.  Priority is being given to drying the facilities.  Drying is important to prevent mould growth and to determine the level of damage to the main hall flooring.
  • Electrical investigation is in progress.
  • Water system will be turned back on once it is determined it is safe to do.
  • Construction heaters are in place and heating the basement.
  • The Property Loss Appraiser will be working on the scope of work and preparing tender documents.  Depending on how quickly this can be done, quotes from  contractors should be available by the end of next week. 
  • Once quotes are approved, restoration timeline will be established.
  • All kitchen appliances will be removed and cleaned and inspected to determine if replacement will be required.
  • All contents will be cleaned on site and removed.  (i.e. tables, chairs, dishes, etc.).


Determinations to Date:

  • The main hall ceiling and insulation will have to be removed and replaced. 
  • Acoustic panels will be removed and cleaned to determine level of damage.  If the odour persists they will be replaced.
  • Main hall flooring will be assessed once drying has been completed to determine level of damage.
  • Alternate facility rentals are covered for municipal business and scheduled events. 
  • Loss of income from hall rentals are covered.



As of November 4, 2016...

The Insurance Company is doing an assessment of damage.  We will not have any further updates from them until mid-week next week.  For anyone that has rented out the Dunchurch Community Centre for any upcoming events and/or meetings, please note that once we obtain further information from the Insurance Company, you will be notified.  And, please note that there are other options available in terms of re-locating your event and/or meeting, rather than cancelling it.  Please contact the Municipal Office for assistance in this matter.  We will continue to keep you posted. 



As of November 3, 2016...

The Fire Marshall has released the building to the Insurance Company.  The Insurance Company will now begin their investigation.  For anyone that has rented out the Dunchurch Community Centre for any upcoming events and/or meetings, please note that it is unavailable for use at this time.  Please continue to check our website and social media sites.  We will keep you updated.