The By-Law Department is responsible for the enforcement of by-laws passed by the Council of the Municipality of Whitestone.  The most common regulating by-laws are for parking, noise, dogs and property standards.  Complaints are handled on an anonymous basis, calls will be kept confidential. Copies of all our By-Laws are available at the Municipal Office or online.


For more information or to report the contravention of any By-Laws, please leave a detailed message including name & phone number for:

Paul Rossiter, By-Law Enforcement Officer

Phone:  705-389-2466  Ext. 45

Fax: 705-389-1855

or email


Index of By-Laws



Permit ATV's

Building By-Laws are on the Building Department Page: Click Here


Facility Rentals

Fees and Services By-Law 40-2020


Fire Permits

Fire Service Fees

Governing of Traffic

Amendment to Governing of Traffic By-Law


Landfill Sites


Noise Control

Planning By-Laws are on the Planning Department Page: Click Here


Property Cleanliness

Amendment to Property Cleanliness By-Law

Regulation of Dogs

Rental Units

Amendment to Zoning By-Law (Rental Units)

Road Grant Protocol

Road Load Restrictions

Road Standards

Roadway Service Standards


Site Plan Control

Snow Removal

Zoning By-Law No. 07-2018


Sign Reminder:


Please be advised that,

By-Law No. 22-2007- Being a By-Law to

Control the Erection of Signs in the Municipality of Whitestone,

is in effect, and will be enforced,

as are all By-Laws in the Municipality of Whitestone.