Dunchurch Agricultural Society & Fall Fair



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History Of The Dunchurch Agricultural Society Fall Fair


The Dunchurch Agricultural Society received Provincial recognition in 1889, and thus they were 114 years old as of the 2003 Fall Fair!  According to Minutes found in an attic by Mr. Thomas Johnson, the Society was formed a year earlier in 1888.  The Minutes go on to tell that there were 59 Members that year and that Membership cost only one dollar ($1.00); (this fee was to continue for many, many years).  The Dunchurch Community Hall, first known as Kelcey Hall, usually hosts the Fall Fair.  Thanks to the generosity of The Municipality Of Whitestone, and The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 394, the 1982 Fall Fair was held on Balsam Road.  In the beginning, the Dunchurch Agricultural Society Fall Fair was held around September 20, until 1968 or 1969 when the Board decided to brave the wrath of habit and move the Fall Fair date to two weeks before the Labour Day Weekend.  This drastic move eliminated (most of the time) the frost damage usually dealt to the Flower and Vegetable Exhibits.  It also allowed another segment of our community to become involved... The people who have a summer home here!  One particular Event that visitors remember is the birth of Fairin Dunchurch, a calf born to one of Gord and Alanna Stewart's cows at the 1988 Fall Fair one year before our 100th Celebration!  School participation was a big part of the Fall Fairs held in September.  The children from the different Schools in the area competed, as well as participated in the School Fall Fair Parade.  Almost every local family from that era has pictures of the children in the Parades, and a few of the participants even remember the School yells that took place after the home-made banners were marched onto the Fair Grounds!  Many people, who have been Board Members over the years, gave the community a lot of time and energy in their commitment to the Agricultural Fall Fair.  Also appreciated are the Fall Fair goers, whose smiles make the year of hard work all worth while!