Municipal Election Day is Monday, Oct. 22 - be sure to vote!

Official Election Results for Mayor and Councillors

Office Candidate Vote
Mayor Chris Armstrong Acclaimed
Councillor George Comrie 733
Councillor Ken Corbett 264
Councillor Beth Gorham-Matthews 722
Councillor Joe Lamb 704
Councillor Joe McEwen 711
Councillor Tracy Shantz Sears 289
Councillor Brian Woods 448
Spoiled/Rejected Ballots 7
Decline to vote Ballot 2

Official Results (PDF)

Declaration of Elected Candidate (PDF)

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Candidate financial statements

Section 88.30 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 requires that every person that has filed a nomination paper with the Municipality of Whitestone to participate as a candidate in the Municipal Elections  file a financial statement with the Municipal Clerk no later than 2:00 p.m. on March 29, 2019.

The financial statements detail the income and expenses incurred during a candidate’s campaign.

Pursuant to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, the official copies of the candidates’ financial filing statements are the hard copies filed manually with the Clerk. These documents are public documents and are available for inspection at the Clerk’s Department during normal business hours.

Section 88(9.1) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 provides that the Clerk shall make the documents filed under sections 88.25, 88.29 and 88.32 available at no charge for viewing by the public on a website or in another electronic format as soon as possible after the documents are filed.

Please follow the links below for 2018 Candidate Financial Statements:

The official Clerks Notice of Filing document is available here (pdf).



Ontario’s municipal and school board elections take place on October 22, 2018. If you are a resident, owner or tenant of property in Ontario, a Canadian citizen and 18 years of age you can vote in Ontario’s municipal and school board elections.


Municipal Election Day throughout Ontario is Monday, October 22nd, 2018.

Voters in the Municipality of Whitestone elect one Mayor and four Councillors to form the Whitestone Municipal Council. In addition, voters are eligible to elect Trustees for the Near North District School Board or the Nipissing – Parry Sound Catholic District School Board.

Voters List

Notice is hereby given that in compliance with the Municipal Elections Act, lists of all persons entitled to vote in the forthcoming Municipality of Whitestone Election will be available on September 4, 2018 at the Municipality of Whitestone Municipal Office at 21 Church Street, Dunchurch Ontario

Electors should contact the Municipal Office (705) 389-2466 or attend in person to examine the Voters' List to ensure that their names and relevant information are correctly shown. Application may be made by any person for the purpose of making additions or corrections to, or deletions from the Voters' List to the Municipal Clerk. The Revision Period will commence at the opening of business on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 and continue during regular office hours up to and including October 19, 2018. And from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. October 22, 2018.

For further information regarding the October 22, 2018 Municipal Election contact the Municipal Office.

Michelle Hendry,
Chief Administrative Officer / Clerk

Who can vote?

To be eligible to vote in this Election, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age, and
  • Be a Canadian Citizen, and
  • Live in the Municipality or own property in the Municipality, or both.

Accessibility Plan

The Municipality of Whitestone is committed to ensuring that all qualified Electors have the opportunity to vote. The use of three options: Vote-By-Internet, Vote-By-Phone and Vote-By-Mail provides opportunities for the Electoral process as it eliminates the need for Electors to attend a polling station and provides for an extended period of time for Electors to cast their ballot. 

Full details are available in the 2018 Municipal Election Accessibility Plan (pdf).

Any questions or comments regarding accessibility should be directed to the CAO/Clerk at the Municipality of Whitestone.

How do I vote?

If you are on the voters list, you should receive a voter kit by late September. The kit will contain voting instructions along with a ballot and secrecy envelope and a control number for electronic voting (which is available again this year).

You can cast your ballot in one of the following ways:

  • By completing and mailing or delivering your ballot, in the secrecy envelope provided, to the Municipal Office so that it arrives by Monday, October 22nd.
  • Over the Internet, or by telephone from 10:00am on Tuesday, October9th until 8:00pm on Monday, October 22nd – using your electronic voting control number.
  • In person, at the Municipal Polling Station which will be located in the Whitestone Municipal Office at 21 Church Street in Dunchurch, from 8:00am – 8:00pm on Monday, October 22nd.


Will there be any advance polls? What if I can’t be in the Municipality on voting day?

Because electronic voting is available, there is no need for advance polls. Voters do not need to be present in the Municipality on voting day or any time during the voting period (October 9th – 22nd). You may cast your vote from anywhere in the world!

I live or own property in another Municipality besides Whitestone. Can I vote in more than one Municipality?

Yes.You may vote in the municipal election in any Ontario Municipality in which you reside or own property. Note however, that you can only reside in one Municipality.

Voting Methods:

The Election method for the 2018 Municipal Election in the Municipality of Whitestone will be mail, internet, and telephone voting.  Please see By-Law No. 18-2017.

Candidate Information:

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) is offering “So You Want to Run for Council”.  This Course will provide an overview of what you need to know before you decide to run for Municipal Office and what you should know to begin your Candidacy.  For more information regarding Ontario Municipal Elections, click here

A Candidate’s Information Package is available for all Candidates.  This package will continue to be updated as further information is provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing (MMAH).

Election Polices and Procedures


Municipal Elections in all Ontario Municipalities, including the Municipality of Whitestone, are Governed by the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. 

On June 9, 2016, the Municipal Elections Modernization Act, 2016, or Bill 181, received Royal Assent, making a number of changes to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.  A review of these changes can be found by clicking here

Helpful Resources:


Voter Look-Up:

Are you on the list to Vote in the upcoming Municipal Election? 

If you are an Ontario Resident over the age of 18, you can visit to confirm or update your information in a few easy steps.  You can also change your School support for Electoral purposes, and add names to your property address.

Updating this information will help to ensure that Municipal Voters’ Lists are accurate and up-to-date in preparation for Municipal and School Board Elections occurring this October.  Find out ahead of time if you are eligible to Vote.  Visit or call 1-866-296-6722.  Have your say... Log on today!